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Learn Guitar with Luke

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Welcome to Luke Edney’s Guitar School!

I specialise in being YOUR tutor. Everybody learns differently, and I pride myself on finding the right method to make you learn the most efficiently - No-one likes wasting money on getting nowhere! This is obviously at the discretion of your own amount of practise time between lessons, many people think that just because they HAVE a guitar tutor, that they will be Jimi Hendrix (or whoever it is you like, let's not go there right now) in no time: It doesn't work this way, you need to put in as much practise as you can to really make the most of our sessions and your money and learning. I have worked with all age groups ranging from 7 to 65 (I will not accept students under the ages of 7), and also have experience with teaching children and adults alike with additional needs. We can keep it casual and learn at your own pace, or we can go through Rock School's graded system for that full-blown karate black belt tier, it's entirely up to you!

What my students say:

"We’ve been delighted with the reaction from our two children to Luke’s lessons. He has engendered an enthusiasm for the instrument that we haven’t seen before. He’s got to know them both so well and this is not a small achievement given they started lessons during lockdown via zoom. We’ve been so impressed by the way Luke adapts his lessons for each of of our children to reflect their personalities and individual learning styles. Luke is kind, engaging, patient and ridiculously talented; everything you could ask for in a guitar teacher and more, as he always goes that extra mile for his students."

 - Marianna 

“I feel like I learned more from Luke in my first two lessons than I did in months with my previous teacher.

Luke has taught me whole songs as well as scales and now I am learning solos in songs that use those scales. I really look forward to my lessons every week.”

 - Thomas, aged 9

“Luke makes his lessons fun and explains things really clearly if I don’t understand at first. He’s so kind and makes me feel that I can do it!”

 - Matthew, aged 7

"I have had lessons with Luke for over a year. I think he is a great teacher. He might be grown up but he is still funny and cool! He explains things very well and is very patient and makes it very enjoyable. I enjoy lessons and the practise I do at home.

If you want a guitar teacher CHOOSE  LUKE!!!!!!!!


p.s when he was younger his nickname was Lucozade and if you meet him you will see why"

- Elias, aged 9

Luke is a passionate and versatile guitar player.
Easy going and knowledgable. He is flexible with lesson timing too which helps me a lot.

 - Christie

I had barely picked up a guitar before meeting Luke so he had to break it all down right from the start. He’s very patient and each lesson has structure and clear goals. Every lesson is different and I straight away felt like I was making progress! Most importantly Luke makes it fun in a relaxed environment! Can’t recommend him enough!

 - Emily

Just great! My daughter has warmed up to Luke so quickly and her progress was evident from week one! Can’t recommend Luke enough:) 

 - Niya

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