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Luke is a self-taught guitarist and singer-songwriter from Surrey, UK. Drawing from many different influences spanning a plethora of decades of great music, Luke tries to bring the old school back within his writing and song production to present a classic sound, often driven by guitar riffs or motifs, whilst blending it with a contemporary song-writing style that most can relate. His work is often easily compared to a blend of blues, rock, country, folk and soul, whilst never really always fitting into any one of these categories.

One single could be a riff-driven anthem about getting drunk with your pals and not remembering what happened, and the next could be a heart-felt acoustic number reflecting on love, loss, or dealing with one's own mind and self help, to everything else in-between!


Luke (don’t call him Ed) Edney brings his acoustic and his loop pedal and slams it in your face with songs ranging from the 50s right up to modern day. Luke keeps you guessing -“what’s coming next?!” - as he records his whole set live in front of your very eyes on-the-fly and somehow manages to get some face melting guitar solos out of an acoustic guitar, all whilst serenading you with a whiskey-soaked, cigarette-ravaged voice, which seems otherworldly and born of a different time. Luke plays locally anywhere that will have him around Surrey and London solo, offering up a wide array of covers from the 50s to modern day in his own unique and endearing way, making this aspect of his work especially niche for live pub music, corporate events, and weddings.


Luke is also a guitar tutor during the day offering a unique style of teaching to suit any kind of learner. You're only as good as how you learn! With current students ranging from beginner to expert, from ages 6-60, Luke certainly doesn't just cater to one kind of group!


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